Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Behavior Management Plans in Pittsburgh Public Schools

As Teen Bloc students, we made a call to action to ourselves and our peers at the School Works Summit. We agreed to 1)Open communication and build positive relationships with our teachers and principals 2) Help the Pittsburgh Public School District develop and implement School-wide Behavior Managements Plans in each school  and 3) Not be the stereotype of a student that does not care about their education. Behavior Management Plans inform the school faculty on how they will handle negative behaviors both in and out of the classroom.  Right now, we are researching what makes a good plan and how they should be enforced in each school.  Teen Bloc students are talking with teachers, students and our principals to find out what plans exist and how they can be improved.  This summer, we will work with the School Board to develop and implement Behavior Management Plans at all schools.

Cheona 10th Grade Pittsburgh Obama Academy